1. orphanwork:

    Charles H. Traub. Italy, 1980

    (vía 20aliens)

  2. colour-as-experience:

    Bill Cunningham

  4. sandwichsinmayonesa:

    China Zorrilla y su perrita.

    Si me habras hecho tanto reir como emocionar… Que en paz descanses China zorrilla!

  5. vito:

    Sylvia Plachy

    She makes me laugh and she breaks my heart. She is moral. She is everything a photographer should be.
    Richard Avedon

    (vía federer7)

  6. federer7:

    © Robert Doisneau

  7. federer7:

    UK. Brighton. 1960. Tea set up in car’s trunk

    © Bruce Davidson/Magnum Photos

  8. mpdrolet:

    From Immersion

    Ilan Weiss

  9. bobbycaputo:

    Quiet, Haunting Photos of Vanishing Villages in China’s Rural Countryside

    In his project The Degradation of Villages, Chinese photographer Wang Yuanling gives us a glimpse into a vanishing world. China’s near miraculous economic transformation has resulted in the largest internal migration in human history. As over 160 million Chinese, many of them young people, left their rural villages for the booming urban centers and the promise of a better life, the aging and the elderly were left behind in forgotten areas. Wang’s project focuses on just one of these places, a village in the Daba Mountains of remote Sichuan province.

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  10. whymyeye:

    Olympia, Washington (2014)

  12. mpdrolet:

    From Prairie Smoke

    Ashley E. Walters

  13. mpdrolet:

    Manhattan, KS

    Joe Johnson

  15. photohab:

    Urban Photography by Aron Lorincz